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  • Single Parent/Unwed Mother Ministry: Counseling provided for single parents; those divorced or separated; widows; and unwed mothers, with particular focus on those 12-21 years of age. Training provided on practical child rearing, financial responsibility, health care, child development, etc.
  • Born For Greatness Child Development Center: Target age – birth to 12 years old. Qualified staff will provide child care and education with emphasis on preparation for pre-entrance examination on all levels. Provision of after-school care with full-time tutorial program to assist students. Will serve as a training site for adults in the community to become certified child care instructors. Will assist in fostering the development of cooperative child care for single parents in search of employment.
  • Vocational Center: Developing community partnerships with agencies for the promotion of job opportunities. Training opportunities provided in internship, apprenticeship, leadership development, career planning, entrepreneurship, community/economic development, social/human resource development.
  • Chartered Christian Academy: Chartered kindergarten through twelfth grade Christian Academy with the best equipment for promoting learning and an after-school development program.
  • Library/Bookstore: Provision of research and reference materials with computer centers. Excellent selection of books, tapes, videos, etc. of the most anointed servants of God.
  • Christian Bible Training Academy: Provision of accredited classes with qualified instructors for continuing education in theology.
  • Family Life Center: Multi-faceted facility to offer quality arts and athletics through the use of a gym, Olympic-sized indoor/outdoor pool, bowling alley, skating rink, fellowship hall. Will be accessible day and night to provide positive alternative activities for at-risk youth.
  • Financial Development Services: Operable, certified, insured Credit Union will be established to assist members who have been denied financial assistance due to credit history or other risk factors. Assistance will be provided in developing good stewardship, credit and budget counseling, investment options.
  • Radio and Television Ministry: For the promotion of the gospel throughout the airways. Provision of 24-hour access to radio stations, as well as a call-in prayer line.



  • Employment Referral Center: Services provided to assist in job preparation and placement particularly for at-risk youth, for “the well need not a physician.”
  • First Call Resource Center: A resource for information on programs, grants, scholarships, project updates, and any other information accessible to the general public to assist in crisis situations and emergency relief. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
  • Affordable Housing & Referral for the Elderly: Housing provided for fixed-income elderly tenants with valid life and health insurance. Motivational activities and assistance with daily living activities will be provided.
  • Affordable Housing & Referral for Low-Income Families: Affordable housing provided for fixed- and low-income single parents and legally married couples.
  • Homeless Shelter: Homes provided as temporary lodging facilities for homeless persons as needed. Trained staff to assist in developing effective coping skills for overcoming substance abuse and other debilitating problems.
  • Homeless Shelter for Battered and Unwed Mothers: Temporary, secured facility and a variety of services including a Crisis Hotline provided for battered women, unwed mothers and their children to minister to immediate needs.
  • Teen runaway and Homeless Shelter: A temporary facility to serve as a haven for abused, homeless youth. A Crisis Hotline will be available to help promote prevention in potential runaway situations.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center: 24-hour Crisis Hotline to assist persons with substance abuse problems and use of preventive measures to help avoid future crisis situations.
  • At-Risk Youth Center: A multi-faceted, multi-purposed facility for youth through which they find realistic, positive alternatives to drugs, sex, violence in a safe haven.
  • Health Services: Foster and facilitate the use of preventive health services and healthy lifestyle education that affect the community at large.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to rebuild, restore, and renew places long devastated. We believe that through the provision of these services for the community,

we will effectively promote the cause of Christ, the good news that Jesus’ love transforms lives.

Our Vision

Cathedral of Praise Ministries